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'Matched-Speed Aircraft Carriers'

Above Two Images: The HARTH MSAC 'Black Dahlia' -

This craft is very fast, matching landing / take-off speeds of corporate jets.  There is no heave, roll, pitch, yaw or sway of the yacht - even in elevated sea-states.  Accordingly, the aircraft in full flight can gently match speeds with the flight deck and 'kiss' the target landing area for immediate wheel capture.  The aircraft is at flight speed and only reduces power with confirmation of wheel capture.  The wind shield rises and this power yacht slows down to desired normal cruising speeds.

the HARTH Technology
Hydro Lance Power Yachts never experience roll, heave,  pitch, Yaw or Sway.  Accordingly, at the beach, there is no chaffing or crunching on beach sand, or nearby rocks, due to the movement of ocean surf and waves.  Of course, if you're in very shallow waters, you may still have to watch for the tides.  Most HARTH designs include a hydraulic tail gate or section, that lowers to the ocean surface for the access of water sports, diving or a dinghy launch.  Steps on the struts, or legs, allows for easy access to walking on the hulls to a dry  beach.  The smaller 'Sportster' above has seven times the fuel economy of conventional power yachts.  Cruising speed for this craft, is 0-65 knots up to, and through, Beaufort Force 6 Sea State.


Beaching Capable Too

Shallow Draft - Ultra-Stable


Above Two Images: The HARTH MSAC ' Cobra'  

Above: The Cobra MSAC yacht revealing a shallow draft and no bow wake

Jet-Aircraft Yacht Landings / Take-Offs ...

Above: This HARTH MSAC Luxury Yacht is very fast; 140+Knots, smoothly through elevated Sea-States

Above: HARTH Luxury 130+ Knot Corporate Mega-Yacht - Jet Aircraft Landing Capable - MSAC

Matched Speed Aircraft Carrier (MSAC)

The low drag and high-speed capabilities of the HARTH hulls provide a speed capability suitable for business jet aircraft to gently land and take-off of the vessel.  The vessel's speed nearly matches the landing speed of such aircraft.  The forward speed of the yacht itself, effectively provides an INFINITELY long landing strip.  Proprietary system designs captures the aircraft securely as the pilot shuts down his engines and the yacht slows down to then enjoy this tropical island environment.  This routine practice is only possible because of the ultra-stability of the Hydro Lance yacht design.  State-Of-The-Art electronics monitors weather and navigation constantly to assure the continued safety of the voyage.  The speed of any HARTH vessel can outrun or circumnavigate any approaching storm, typhoon or hurricane.

Naval MSAC Ships


Several Times the Fuel Economy Faster with Greater Cruising Range


HARTH - So Much More ...

HARTH Fishing Fun and a Fast Commercial Trawler


 No Sea-Sickness -- No Roll, Pitch, Heave, Yaw or Sway

Off- Shore Fast Boats ...

Fast and Stable ... Really Fast

Above: HARTH  Blistering Fast Off-Shore Boats  -  Though Elevated Sea-States! - World Records to be Set.


Very Fast & Smooth Cruising, Spacious Interiors and

Beach Landing Capable

Above: HARTH Luxury Fast Turbine Power Yacht - Shown is the HLS-5

Conversions to HARTH ...


     Above:  HARTH Conversion of Mono-Hull Yacht - HARTH Conversion of a Catamaran - Retired Airliner to HARTH Fast Ferry


Enjoy Your Adventure ...

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