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The Market

 Markets are world-wide, defined by the operator's application, demographics, demand and routes.  Initial market entry is anticipated for the HARTH application for super-fast passenger ferries, followed by fast RO-Pax ferries and container vessels.  The first full-sized such vessel is slated for the ocean in 2012.  Partner or investment and market interests may demand different and specific HARTH applications such as fast container ships, CNG or LNG fast-transport, both super-sport and fast luxury stable yachts, government applications and/or off-shore LNG terminals and mobilized wind farms. Various initial market analyses, together with world-wide company inquiries, reveals an immediate need and demand for upwards of 1,000 super-fast, economic, long-range and stable passenger and RO-PAX ferries. Hydro Lance HARTH Ferries meet all of these criteria. This demand has resulted from of rising coastal populations, emerging second and third world countries having broken or a non-existent transport infrastructure and economic emergence and the rising costs of airline operations. From Africa to South America and Mexico to Asia, Australia, China, Japan, Canada or the United States, whether for passenger or cargo ocean transport, the Hydro Lance vessel transport time is reduced by three to five times.  The low-drag and stability of the HARTH ship technology affords seven times the fuel economy, three to five times greater transport speeds - in and through elevated sea-states, far greater maritime safety, superior passenger comfort, shallow draft and no bow-wake as compared to any conventional type ship in the ocean today or being developed. No Sea Sickness. 


This varied market demand may rapidly escalate to a mass-produced, Trillion-Dollar industry. The demand for faster and safer container, cargo and bulk transport is also noteworthy.  This new HARTH industry means quality jobs, ROI and profit.  The ultimate market applications required are many and assure continued growth and demand.


 New vessel conversion methods now provide a more economic path to enter into passenger ferry and passenger cargo markets.  Such an example is the conversion of retired airliners, where these aircraft acquisitions are at salvage value and contain the more expensive components of ship-building. This includes the bridge (cockpit), internal seating or cargo configurations, and prime power plants. The final converted super-fast ferry would have a capital cost that is fraction of designing and building a new ship from scratch. Converting existing structurally sound tri-marans or catamarans can be significantly less expensive for similar reasons.


Accordingly, with either passenger fare or freight tonnage rates being more competitive to the conventional ship, and with far greater features of safety, super-stability, lowest drag, super-speeds and range, then any Hydro Lance HARTH vessel that is put into service will immediately obsolete other conventional vessels in the subject Licensed owner competing market routes.


HARTH License  - Sharing and Partnerships with Industry


The HARTH Technology is formulated, precise and sensitive.  Accordingly, the Hydro Lance Corporation will screen interested qualified parties for Hydro Lance License participation. The Hydro Lance Corporation reserves the designs, graphics and all intellectual property rights as part and parcel of an issued License. Hydro Lance Engineering, Inc. is inclusive as the authorized prime Architectural and Engineering authority assuring the exacting specifications for any of the HARTH Technologies being commercially developed and deployed.  A negotiated modest Royalty accompanies each said Hydro Lance HARTH License.  Each awarded Hydro Lance License affords certain exclusivities to the specific client market interests and vessel application of the Licensee. The Hydro Lance Corporation and Hydro Lance Engineering, Inc. are both privately held companies.


Ordering A HARTH Ship For Construction - Customer Operator License:


Within a given HARTH market application, where there is no exclusive or non-exclusive manufacture / operator License awarded and or granted, Hydro Lance then reserves the right to contract the design and building of a custom Hydro Lance vessel with and for a customer directly, awarding a specific or dual-use market application.  In such an example, the Hydro Lance Corporation may elect to License, design and build that vessel for that customer.  Hydro Lance Engineering, Inc. would be engaged with the design, engineering and project management of the client HARTH vessel.  Payment may be controlled by agreement in phases of project completion.


Capital Investment and Participation:


Parties interested in private investment participation into this new Maritime HARTH era, are cordially invited to contact the Hydro Lance Corporation at 1-818-571-0664, contacting Mr. Lowell Hargrave or  Mr. Walter R. Reed. 


Many HARTH Applications and Markets;



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Additional Information ...


Information on the HARTH Technology capability and applications may be found throughout our website.  You may wish to access the Site and Application Directory below for a selection of your specific interests.  Always feel free to contact any of our senior staff members regarding any question, comment or idea.


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