No Sea-Sickness - Ever!

No Rock, Roll, Pitch, Heave, Yaw or Sway -- Period!

 the HARTH  Technology TM

Greater Maritime Safety and Speed ...

Hydro Lance 720 Passenger Fast Ferry ...


Above:  the HARTH Raptor 720 Passenger Fast Luxury Ferry pier unloading - the Welcome Wagon is out for the anticipated arrivals.

  The vessels shallow draft affords access to shallow bays. 

The HARTH Raptor 720 Passenger Fast Luxury Ferry is rated for 80+ Knots up to and through

Force 8 Beaufort scale with no roll, pitch, heave, sway, yaw, hog or sag - no motion sickness


Hydro Lance 310 Passenger Fast Ferry ...

Above:  the NIRVANA Class Hydro Lance 70 Knot Fast, Ultra-Stable Passenger Ferry

Hydro Lance HARTH 100 Knot, 700 Passenger Ferry In Route

Above:  HARTH Conversion: 727-200 into a 120+ Knot, Ultra-Stable Passenger Ferry


Hydro Lance Multiple Function Ship ...


Above:  HARTH Multi-Function Ship for Smaller Markets,  transporting Containers, Freight and Passengers.  Unique HARTH capabilities includes an overhead Gantry crane

to lower Containers and Cargo directly onto waiting trucks, avoiding expensive infrastructure load and unloading improvements.


Ultra Ocean Stability = Safety

Cruise Rating: 65-80 Knots Through a Force 7 or  8 Sea States
Maximum Speed: Over 75 MPH - In Comfort

No Rock, Roll, Pitch or Heave - No Sea-Sickness

Luxury Seating, Food and Beverage Concessions

Propulsion: Turbine-Electric jet-drive or Direct Thrust

Seven Times the Fuel Economy per Passenger Mile


 Above:  Retired Airline Conversions to Super-Fast Ocean Going Ferries with ratings over 100 Knots

'Also view ...

So Much More To Consider ...

HARTH Starlight tm Series  and  HARTH RO-Pax Ferries ...

 Above:   HARTH 'STARLIGHT' Domed Series                                               HARTH RO-Pax Ferry

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