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the HARTH Trawler

Above: HARTH Ocean Rated Fishing Trawler

Cruising Speed; 70 Knots - Through Elevated Sea-States

No Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Sway or Heave

No Induced Sea-Sickness

No Deck-wash

Seven Times the Fuel Economy / Ton-Mile

Shallow Draft - Shallow Bay Access

Far Greater Range with Far Greater Speed - Low Drag

Clean Hulls - No Protruding Props, Keels, Rudders or Fins that Snag Nets & Lines

Night Vision, Full Radar, Electronics, Internet and Unique Sonar System

No Bow Wake - Low Water Disturbance

Clear-Span Interior Space for Fish Processing

Refrigerated or Aquarium Holds

Superior Station Keeping, 360O Tractor Turn Capable

Three to Five Times the Speed

First On-Site, Last to Leave and First Back To Port

This trawler is not your Grandfather's Fishing Boat

New Methodologies ...

The Fast Hydro Liner tm Fishing Transport- Processing Tender

Above: HARTH Ocean Blue-Water Fast Sea-Food Transport Tender

Speed and Ultra-Stability Through Elevated Sea States Makes the Difference

No Pitch, Heave, Roll, Yaw or Sway - Ever

No Sea-Sickness and with Far Greater Safety

Super-Speeds with Seven Times the Fuel Economy

Hydro Lance has expressed the H.A.R.T.H technology in this design of the Hydro Liner. Both to the right and to left sides, within the above picture, can be seen conventional fishing trawlers. Note how the Hydro Liner averages the surface forces of all waves to near zero influence. The result is no pitch, heave, sway, yaw or roll. This platform may be configured with  luxury cabins, infirmary, heliport, dinning facility and lounge.  Off season, this vessel can be configured as a work boat, heavy-lift, or for cargo transport. This sketch offers features to show some combined capabilities of HARTH design.  Just below the house can be seen the outboard rail extensions of an overhead moving crane (one of two) for off-loading fish from fishing boats into the tender far out at sea.  The catch is then purchase at sea.  The fishing craft may then continue fishing and refueling capabilities can be built into the HL tender ship.

Fresh fish brings a premium price at port. Fish is considered fresh if consumer delivered within 72 hours of being caught. Conventional fishing boats and trawlers typically travel at speeds of 8-12 Knots (10-15 MPH). If they are 200 miles from port, this would mean approximately 20 hours of travel, plus the time on-site to catch the fish. Their holds are limited, and when filled, they must return, only to unload, refuel and travel 20+ hours back to where the fishing site has moved to. The schools of fish may then just have gone away.

Oil clean-up capable in the case of such ecological disasters of sink oil ships.  View the 12-minute video (last segment) accessed from the 'Early Test Vessel' page.

The Hydro Liner economically cruises at 52-75 Knots, and would be able to transport a collection of catches from fishing boats, paying cash for the weighed load and quality - and their sea-food catches would then be transported to the same processing port as exampled above ..  in approximately 3 Hours!  Those slower fishing vessels may remain where they are at sea, and continue to catch more fish for extended periods. The presence of a fast fish transport ship increases the value of the fresh catch commodity, fish quality and safety, and also increases the safety for the conventional fishing boats in cases of needed rescue or other high-seas emergencies.

The Old Conventional Ways


Roll, Pitch, Heave, Sway and Yaw

'Much Better Way ...


       Fast Heavy-Lift Work Ships and Tenders                     HARTH  Sports-Fishing Fast Stable Boats

So Much More ...

Hydro Lance Sport - Scuba and Fishing Pleasure Craft

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